Riviera Cove villa for sale in District 9 Thu Duc city
Riviera Cove villa for sale in District 9 Thu Duc city

Riviera Cove villa for sale in District 9 Thu Duc city

Land area: 406m2.

Horizontal: 16.76m; Length: 24.28m

Construction area: 148.8m2 (9m wide, 17m long)

Construction area: 329.5m2 (1 ground floor, two floors)

Large garden: 256m2

Status: 4 bedrooms – 5 toilets, furniture as shown.

Location: D1B street. The house has two fronts, street D1B and street D1 (the main road of the project).

Selling price: 40.5 billion VND

Value of Riviera Cove villa in District 9 Thu Duc city

Riviera Cove Villa is the first luxury villa in District 9 Thu Duc City. Kepple Land investor from Singapore is a high-class real estate investor with many projects in Ho Chi Minh City such as Palm City, The Estella, The Empire Thu Thiem…

The villa project is located in the overall Nam Long KDC, District 9, Thu Duc City, adjacent to Lien Phuong and Do Xuan Hop streets; the Global City project is across the street. This area is developing quickly with many high-end projects and growing economic life. From here to the center of Ho Chi Minh City, about 20 minutes, to the center of Thu Duc city, about 15 minutes. All facilities are within a 1km radius.

The interior of Riviera Cove villa is protected 24/24 with a beautiful and peaceful riverside park. Large swimming pool, many trees.

The average selling price of Riviera Cove villa in District 9, Thu Duc city, on average 100 million/m2 (as of 11.2022), is soft compared to the past and will increase in the future.



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