The Da Nang Hoi An beach villa project
Da Nang sea

The Da Nang Hoi An beach villa project is becoming more and more famous in the world not only because of its beautiful scenery, peaceful and hospitable but also because the country of Vietnam has become increasingly influential in the world.

The article was written in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic raging around the world. Many wealthy nations still have unforeseen consequences and have been knocked out. The risk response system and the medical system were “overloaded” in just a short time. The question that many people may ask right now is: Which country has succeeded in stopping the Covid-19 pandemic?

Many tourists in the world have mentioned two Vietnamese words. It is no coincidence that the term Vietnam is mentioned by many countries in the world. As a neighboring country with China, there is a large trade with China, a large number of Chinese tourists and workers in Vietnam. But the number of infections in Vietnam at the beginning of the epidemic was very small. Particularly no deaths due to covid-19. Vietnam seems to control the spread of the disease, creating a rapid test kit in a short time. In particular, the solidarity of the whole country made it easier for the government to control the situation. Besides, the policy to support visitors to Vietnam is considered quite good. Most of the medical services related to the covid-19 epidemic are free. Visitors to Vietnam feel more secure than ever. Certainly, after the epidemic, belief in the country of Vietnam has been increasingly enhanced in the hearts of international friends. That is one of the driving forces helping Vietnam’s economy recover. Especially with the tourism industry, hotels, resorts …

Travel statistics before Covid-19

The number of international tourists coming to Vietnam in 2019 reached 18 million, increasing by 16.2% compared to 2018 (15.49 million visitors), up 39% compared to 2017 (12.92 million visitors). , up to 80% compared to 2016 (10 million visitors). In just 3 years from 2016 to 2019, international tourist arrivals to Vietnam nearly doubled. Expectedly in 2020 (before Covid) the number of international tourists will reach 20.5 million, officially doubling compared to 4 years ago.

In particular, guests from China and South Korea accounted for the highest proportion. Outstanding points, customers from markets of Europe, America (UK, Germany, USA, France, Russia) are increasing. This is the premise for the development of high-class resort real estate products in Vietnam.

Tourists in Europe and America are increasing

Danang – Hoi An tourism market 

According to the General Statistics Office, the number of tourists to Da Nang in 2019 reached 7 million, of which international tourists reached 2.05 million. The number of tourists to Hoi An accounts for 70% of visitors to Da Nang.

The strength of the tourism market in Da Nang Hoi An is that there are famous tourist destinations close to each other: Ba Na Hill, Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son, My Khe Beach, Than Tai Hot Spring, Asia Park, Hoi An Ancient Town, Cu Lao Cham, Vinpearl Nam Hoi An … Tourist destinations are easy to move in a short time. Besides, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, and Quang Tri form a range of famous destinations that attract international tourists.

Also, tourism products in Da Nang Hoi An are quite diverse from landscape tourism, convalescence, spirituality to intangible tourism forms such as Bai Choi, Puppet Dance..

Connected transport infrastructure is also a strong point to help Da Nang Hoi An tourism take off. Projects on resorts, resorts, high-class hotels have sprung up, increasing the ability to serve “rich guests”. It is also the upcoming goal of Danang tourism in Hoi An – Market of tourists from European countries, the USA, Russia.

Tourists in Hoi An

Confidence in the tourism market after Covid-19

Since Covid 19’s arrival, the global travel market has changed. So what is the trend? What are the strengths that Vietnam’s tourism industry needs to grasp?

At this moment, the trend of the global economy, as well as tourism, is still an unanswered question. However, there is a positive response from Vietnam to international tourists, especially from developed countries: Vietnam is a safe and hospitable country. Vietnam is willing to sacrifice its interests to protect your life and safety! From government to hotels and residents.

Certainly, after Covid-19, Vietnam will be the first choice in the heart of international visitors.

The belief spread to the projects of Da Nang Hoi An Beach Villas

The coastal resort project along with associated utilities is the “pinnacle” of the tourism industry. The ability to provide high-class services to “rich guests” is what all countries doing tourism are aiming for. Vietnam sets goals and actions to increase this capacity. In particular, high-end coastal resort projects are the premise for doing this. However, cooperation with famous tourism brands in the world will help Vietnamese tourism reach the “rich” customers more quickly.

Like the cooperation of the Le Meridien Danang project with the famous hotel group Marriott International. Le Meridien Da Nang is a villa project on the beachfront of Da Nang – Hoi An. In addition to the location advantage, the project also carries the level of Marriott brand with superior utilities and quality, contributing to bringing the tourism brand Da Nang – Hoi An closer to European and American tourists.

The competitive advantage of Da Nang Hoi An beach villa projects

Danang villas project Hoi An is located right in the heart of Vietnam and the World. An opportunity to promote the brand and welcome large numbers of visitors. The steady increase in visitors over the years is a premise for the success of the projects here.

The projects have long and beautiful beaches. This is what makes “visitors” tired when staying here.

The professional travel style combined with world-renowned resort brands helps to increase brand and competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of Investor when investing in Da Nang Hoi An Beach Villas?

The number of resort villas in the world is limited and new supply to the market is very small. The value of these villas in the world always ensures value-added in the long term. The advantage of exploiting and leasing tourism helps stabilize the cash flow for investors while the value of villas is increasing.

Particularly in the market of villas in Da Nang Hoi An, villas value increased 100% within 10 years. Not to mention the annual rent also from 5% / year.

In particular, owning a permanent villa is a guaranteed advantage for the added value of the property (Vietnamese)

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