What are civil transactions

What are civil transactions? Civil transactions are contracts or unilateral legal acts that give rise to, change or terminate civil rights and obligations.
Civil Code 2015 clearly stipulates civil transactions.

Article 117. Validity conditions of civil transactions

1. A civil transaction is valid when it fully meets the following conditions:

a) The subject has civil legal capacity, civil act capacity consistent with the established civil transaction;

b) Subjects participating in civil transactions are completely voluntary;

c) The purpose and content of civil transactions do not violate the prohibition of the law, not contrary to social morals.

2. The form of civil transactions is the effective condition of civil transactions where so provided by law.

Article 118. Purpose of civil transactions
The purpose of a civil transaction is the benefit that an entity wishes to achieve when establishing that transaction.

Article 119. Forms of civil transactions
1. Civil transactions are expressed verbally, in writing or by specific acts.

Civil transactions via electronic means in the form of data messages as prescribed by law on electronic transactions are considered written transactions.

2. In cases where the law stipulates that civil transactions must be expressed in writing with notarization, authentication or registration, such provisions must be complied with.

Article 120. Conditional civil transactions
1. Where the parties have agreed on the conditions arising or canceling civil transactions, when such conditions occur, the civil transactions arise or cancel.

2. Where the conditions which arise or cancel civil transactions cannot occur due to the intentional or indirect hindrance of a party, such condition shall be deemed to have happened; In the case of a direct or indirect effect of a party intentionally promoting a condition, such condition shall not be deemed to occur.

Article 121. Interpretation of civil transactions
1. Civil transactions with unclear content, difficult to understand, to be understood in many different meanings and not falling into the provisions of Clause 2 of this Article, the explanation of such civil transactions shall be made in the following order: :

a) According to the parties’ true will when establishing the transaction;

b) In a sense appropriate to the purpose of the transaction;

c) Follow the customs where the transaction is established.

2. The interpretation of the contract complies with Article 404 of this Code; The interpretation of wills shall comply with Article 648 of this Code.

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